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TA offers a coherent set of maps for making sense of our client’s world, frame of reference and experience. It is a brilliant guide for coaches offering both one-to-one executive coaching and team coaching. Some core TA concepts have been popularised for many years, such as Parent, Adult and Child ego states and the Drama Triangle, however TA goes far beyond this.

In our experience there is little tailored TA training available for coaches, delivered in context and grounded in the core philosophy of coaching – that clients are creative, resourceful and whole. Much training instead follows the ‘medical model’, where the practitioner diagnoses what needs fixing and prescribes a treatment plan. The focus can be more on theory than on practice, and this alone can risk neglecting the core competencies of coaching and unwittingly switching to consultant or counsellor!

At the Executive Coach Studio, our purpose is to support coaches in deepening their coaching practice through professional development and training. TA for Coaches is a programme for coaches who want to use TA concepts in their practice of coaching. We have designed this course as a TA Retreat, so instead of packing in as many concepts as possible, we will create the space for you to explore them more deeply and to practice coaching (one-to-one or team) using these concepts. 

This programme is subject to minimum numbers of 6 to run

Your Course Leaders

Georgina Woudstra first trained as a coach in 1992. She graduated from Corporate Coach University in 2004 and since then has studied more than 20 days a year with many different coaching schools learning and integrating varied approaches, from Transpersonal to Time-To-Think to Solutions-Focused. During this time, she became an ICF Master Certified Coach, she built a strong reputation as an executive coach and a successful boutique coaching firm. [Read More]

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