ECS Diploma in Team Coaching (Modules 2,3,4) 11 Sep 2019 – 10 Jan 2020 (Winchester)

*Students attending this course must have completed the ECS Certificate in Team Coaching (Module #1)*

The Art of Team Coaching (Module #2)
11-13 Sep 2019 (Winchester)

  • Learn how to be a team coach versus do team coaching
  • Understand Relational Team Coaching as a truly impactful way of being
  • Develop your signature presence as a team coach
  • Learn the art of ‘use of self as an instrument’ as a team coach
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice
  • Also learn through role play and being a team member
  • Learn how to use Active Experiments
  • Reveal your strengths as a team coach and your areas for development


Coaching Team Dynamics (Module #3) 
20-22 Nov 2019  (Winchester)

  • Deepen your understanding of what happens beneath the surface in teams; the landscape of team dynamics
  • Build psychological safety to enable the ‘real work’ to get done
  • Understand the significant role the team leader plays in the team’s success and the impact you can have as a team coach
  • Explore the role and needs of the team, team leader and you as a coach at different stages of a team’s maturity
  • Raise your awareness of group process, power relationships and organisational games and how to work with these to enhance performance
  • Practice team coaching working with complex and difficult team dynamics
  • Resource yourself by being clear on your role as a team coach enabling you to work with the dynamics without getting caught up in them!
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice


Coaching Team Systems (Module #4)
8-10 Jan 2020 (Winchester)

  • Consider organisational script and how this influence the culture and work of a team
  • Use Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Systemic approaches to raise awareness and inform your interventions
  • Learn how to support the system in revealing itself
  • Reflect on team maturity when and when not to bring stakeholders and the system ‘into the room’
  • Explore different tools and approaches for revealing and working with the system
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice


11 Sep 2019 - 10 Jan 2020


6500 + VAT


Melissa Luck
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