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Gestalt Deep Dive Retreats

Join Georgina Woudstra on a deeper dive into Gestalt. Gestalt means ‘pattern’ or ‘whole’ and when applied to coaching, means seeing the coachee (individual or team) as a whole system. A Gestalt approach is therefore an holistic approach, which seeks to facilitate deeper, transformational change in ourselves, in others, in teams and organisations. We do this through raising awareness of the whole system and experience, in a way that gives rise to change rather than forces change.

In this Deep Dive workshop, we will explore many of the core Gestalt concepts through experience and practice, including:

  • Awareness: of self, other and the situation
  • Paradoxical theory of change: becoming who I am, not trying to become what I am not!
  • Gestalt Cycle of Experience: how we make and break contact with ourselves and the environment
  • Phenomenology: resilience, embodiment and use of self
  • Resistance: as a form of creative adjustment. Working with it, not against it!
  • Field mentality: exploring interconnectedness, systems, complexity and wholeness
  • Dialogue: co-emergence, relationship, contact
  • Creative experimentation: psychodrama, creative enactments, metaphor, visualisation and symbolism

At the Executive Coach Studio, our purpose is to support coaches in deepening their coaching practice through professional development, experiential learning and integration of learning into practice. Gestalt for Coaches is a programme for coaches who want to use Gestalt concepts in their practice of coaching individuals, teams and whole systems. This workshop is designed as a reflective learning experience so we will create the space for you to explore concepts more deeply and to practice coaching (one-to-one or team) using these concepts.

This programme is subject to minimum numbers of 7 to run.

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