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ECS Diploma in Team Coaching

Modules #2, #3 & #4 of the ECS Diploma in Team Coaching

Students are required to have completed the ECS Certificate in Team Coaching.  It is recommended that students have already started coaching a client team or will begin coaching a client team during this programme to gain full benefit of the learnings.  Support can be given to help explore finding a client team to coach through optional supervision sessions (at an extra cost). 

Module 2 – The Art of Team Coaching (3 Days)

  • Learn how to be a team coach versus do team coaching
  • Understand Relational Team Coaching as a truly impactful way of being
  • Develop your signature presence as a team coach
  • Learn the art of ‘use of self as an instrument’ as a team coach
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice
  • Also learn through role play and being a team member
  • Learn how to use Active Experiments
  • Reveal your strengths as a team coach and your areas for development

Module 3 – Team Coaching Dynamics (3 days)

  • Deepen your understanding of what happens beneath the surface in teams; the landscape of team dynamics
  • Build psychological safety to enable the ‘real work’ to get done
  • Understand the significant role the team leader plays in the team’s success and the impact you can have as a team coach
  • Explore the role and needs of the team, team leader and you as a coach at different stages of a team’s maturity
  • Raise your awareness of group process, power relationships and organisational games and how to work with these to enhance performance
  • Practice team coaching working with complex and difficult team dynamics
  • Resource yourself by being clear on your role as a team coach enabling you to work with the dynamics without getting caught up in them!
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice


Module 4 – Team Coaching Systems (3 days)

  • Consider organisational script and how this influence the culture and work of a team
  • Use Transactional Analysis, Gestalt and Systemic approaches to raise awareness and inform your interventions
  • Learn how to support the system in revealing itself
  • Reflect on team maturity when and when not to bring stakeholders and the system ‘into the room’
  • Explore different tools and approaches for revealing and working with the system
  • Learn through faculty demonstration and through practice
  • At the end of this unit you will receive the Diploma in Team Coaching

This programme is subject to minimum numbers of 8.  This is to ensure we can offer the practical, interactive environment in which team coaching simulation and practice can take place. 

“the 6TH Ridler Report (available at shows that 76% of organisations expect to increase their use of team coaching over the next two years – more than the number of organisations which expect to increase either their use of one-to-one or group coaching.”

– Ridler Report (2016) Ridler & Co, London.

Accredited by the International Coach Federation – 86.50 CCE hours

With Executive Coach Studio I have been able to reflect on my style of coaching and to bring clarity to my own model of team coaching that accurately reflects who I am and my experiences in life and work. There are not many training courses that have allowed me to feel connected to the learning in such a way that I can immediately make sense and shape the material in my own style with confidence that I am competent. The programme has been hard work and at the same time fun and enlightening. I feel inspired and energised to explore deeper and to grow my knowledge beyond the programme with Executive Coach Studio

Carroll Macey


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