Deepen your executive coach practice

About The Executive Coach Studio

Executive Coach Studio principal Georgina Woudstra MCC has been a pioneer in coaching since the early 1990’s when the 
profession first began to take shape. She works with coaches who have completed their foundation training and have at least 50 hours of experience coaching ‘real’ clients.

Coaches who decide to develop their skills with the Executive Coach Studio share a passion for professionalism and a desire to be the best they can be for their clients. Georgina believes strongly in and is an active supporter of professionalism in coaching. She offers coach mentoring, coaching supervision and practice deepening training for coaches.

At the Executive Coach Studio we understand what it takes to build a successful executive coaching practice. We recognise masterful coaching when we see it. It takes an extraordinary commitment to excellence, a dedication to learning, the discipline of reflective practice and the courage to be uniquely you as a coach.

we all have a framework for thinking which informs our questions

The Executive Coach Studio is for professional coaches who are ready to deepen their practice and to develop greater congruence and coherence in their work.

What we are about

New coaches learn the core competencies of coaching, as this is the foundation upon which a coaching practice is built. Once these become embedded in your coaching, then we believe that coaches need to develop their ability to have deeper more significant conversations that invite transformational change. 

Deepening your practice as a coach requires underpinning the coaching competencies with a clear philosophical and psychological framework, and developing your authentic presence. A philosophical framework brings congruence to your work, so that your coaching is aligned with who you are. A psychological framework provides coherent metacognition, or ‘thinking about thinking’.

As coaches, we are often led to believe that our questions should be without any frame of reference. In truth this is impossible, we all have a framework for thinking which informs our questions. Masterful coaches are aware of their own framework and allow it to consciously guide their questions, without leading the client and without attachment.

Using your authentic presence, means bringing yourself fully into the coaching relationship. This is often not taught in “traditional” coach training, which sees the coach’s role as the facilitator of the client’s thinking, ie a one-person relationship.