Deepen your executive coach practice


“Supervision with Georgina, always brings new and rich perspectives. She quickly grasps complex client challenges, prompting me to draw on my creative and intuitive resources amidst a sea of ‘logical facts’. This broadens the thinking and produces very sound business ideas that help me to table conversations that really count for the client. Most enoyable to work with Georgina and undoubtedly a good investment for this coach and my valued clients.”

Adrienne Candy (2016)

Adrienne Candy Associates

“Thank you for your mentoring, your wisdom and your encouragement.  I enjoyed the process of learning more about the ICF and its competencies – much to my surprise! As an experienced coach and coach trainer, I am ashamed to admit that at times I felt a bit disgruntled about having to go through the process.

Needless to say, by the end of the mentoring sessions with you I had learned loads about myself, my coaching and my areas for development! I feel even more connected with, and interested in, the ICF and keen to have more engagement with the organisation at a number of levels.

I enjoyed your style of coach mentoring which combines psychological rigour with warm-hearted challenge and pragmatism.”

Kim Morgan MCC

Managing Director, Barefoot Coaching

“Both of us are still buzzing as a result of the team coaching training. What a blast! Thanks again for such a great experience and for giving us your absolute all. It’s so profoundly appreciated.”

Bob Shearer

A really powerful and useful course – amazing!

Emma Wykes

General Manager

“Huge thank you, I so enjoyed working with you and continue to reap the benefits as I slowly change the way I am working to take better care of me, and what I am working on to deliver what really excites. 

“Georgina challenged me to focus on what was important. She was willing to share her insights and intuitions. A real feeling of acceptance which made it safe for me to explore issues that had meaning for who I am as a person as well as what I wanted to achieve on a logical level.

‘Georgina encouraged me to look at patterns in my life and how what I do in relationships shows up in the assumptions I make around my business. This resulted in my really challenging my standards and boundaries to ensure that I am being congruent in all I do.”

Elizabeth Crosse MCC

Maximum Coaching

“Georgina was my supervisor when I first became a coach.  She was instrumental in my development as a coach and for my coaching practice. Georgina combines a passion for developing others, a unique skill for seeing and hearing the complexities of the way we, as human beings, interact and an ability to encourage and sponsor personal growth. 

“My coaching skills and confidence have grown as a direct result of working with Georgina. She provides her insight with encouragement and delicate balance of challenge to help you think more in how to become the coach you want to be.  She is an inspiration.”

Jane Adshead-Grant

PCC. Executive Coach

It was a really great three days with Georgina. I use the teaching every day.

Rhonda Lloyd

HR Manager

I can’t wait to apply this at work.

Manager, Professional Association