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ECS Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery

The Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery is designed to meet the increased demand for competent professional team coaches. The last six years have seen a marked growth in team coaching. Team development and team building have been around for many years, but team coaching is still in an early stage of maturity similar to where executive coaching was 20 years ago.

If you are an experienced executive coach, organisational facilitator or a consultant who wants to provide a high quality and impactful team coaching service, this could be the course for you. It will give you the competence and confidence to work with complex dynamics and the most challenging teams.

A fresh approach

Team coaching can be intense and emotionally challenging work. In this highly interactive programme you will learn and experience how to work with the undercurrents of teams; the psychological dimensions that operate beneath the surface.

It will support you to work flexibly and deeply with teams, intervening in a way that enhances team members’ appreciation of each other and their skills in working together and with other teams.

We will also raise awareness of the ethical dilemmas that arise in team coaching and help you to navigate through them.You will develop your own team coaching style and methodology – one that is congruent with your personal coaching philosophy and approach.

Where, when and how much?

Our separately bookable ECS Certificate in Team Coaching (Module 1) of the ECS Diploma in Team Coaching takes place in London, Manchester and Winchester.

Modules 2, 3, 4 and 5 are currently only held in Winchester, UK.

Module 1 (Certificate in Team Coaching)
£1,200 + VAT

Modules 2-4 (Diploma in Team Coaching)
£4,050 + VAT

Module 5 (Team Coaching Mastery)
£1,500 + VAT

Bulk Booking Offers

Modules 1-4 (Certificate in Team Coaching + Diploma in Team Coaching)
£4,800 + VAT (Bulk booking rate)

Modules 1-5 (Certificate in Team Coaching + Diploma in Team Coaching + Mastery)
£6,000 + VAT (Bulk booking rate)


Modules 2-5 (Diploma in Team Coaching + Mastery)
£4,950 + VAT (Bulk booking rate)


In Module 5 / Team Coaching Mastery students are also required to attend 3 x team coaching supervision sessions at additional cost. These can be group sessions or individual sessions and can be provided by our faculty at £250 per session (group supervision)

Modular programme

The Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery is an innovative 15-day, ICF accredited programme structured into five, three-day workshops and a 121 tutorial. This programme is designed for experienced coaches looking to deepen their practice and to become among the most competent and sought-after team coaches in the industry.

  • Module 1:  Certificate in Team Coaching
  • Module 2:  The Art of Team Coaching
  • Module 3: Coaching Team Dynamics
  • Module 4:  Coaching Team Systems
  • Module 5: Team Coaching Mastery (optional)

Our training approach is experiential learning with input on theories and frameworks. All participants will be required to run small team coaching exercises, practising delivering and receiving team coaching. Constructive and robust observational feedback will be provided throughout.

The learning group size will be kept small with a maximum ratio of 6:1 student to faculty member.

On completion of Module 4 students will be awarded the ECS Diploma in Team Coaching as well as for ICF CCEUs.

Students who go on to complete Module 5 will also receive our ECS Diploma in Team Coaching Mastery.

With Executive Coach Studio I have been able to reflect on my style of coaching and to bring clarity to my own model of team coaching that accurately reflects who I am and my experiences in life and work. There are not many training courses that have allowed me to feel connected to the learning in such a way that I can immediately make sense and shape the material in my own style with confidence that I am competent. The programme has been hard work and at the same time fun and enlightening. I feel inspired and energised to explore deeper and to grow my knowledge beyond the programme with Executive Coach Studio

Carroll Macey


I can fully endorse the quality, content and teaching style of Georgina and the Executive Coaching Studio for the Team Coaching Diploma. The course programme covers a comprehensive syllabus, allowing students to explore a broad range of subjects and giving them the ability to design a coaching programme that best fits with their personal needs.

Jonathan Webb

Managing Partner, Clarity Associates

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