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Diploma in Executive Coaching: Module 1

Module 1: Executive Coaching Fundamentals

The first three-day module in our Executive Coaching Diploma is a foundation in executive coaching. It will provide new coaches with the skill and confidence to begin practising with clients as coaches in training.  You will learn the Core Competencies of executive coaching and how to apply these in performance coaching.  The emphasis is on the application of theory through exercises, skills practice and observational feedback.

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The ECS Diploma in Executive Coaching is a 12-day programme over four, three-day modules. The dates are:

Module 1
Executive Coaching Fundamentals:
12-14 April 2018

Module 2
Executive Coaching Tools:
17-19 May 2018

Module 3
Executive Coaching Relationships:
12-14 July 2018

Module 4
Executive Coaching Mastery:
5-7 September 2018

The 12-day programme costs a total of £3,600 plus VAT


12 Apr 2018 - 14 Apr 2018


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